Photos of Libby

Libby is our darling 5-year old Shih Tzu, who makes friends whereever she goes. Her full name is Liberty, in recognition of her owners' commitment to civil liberties.

Libby, November 1998:
Libby as a pup - Nov. 1998

Scott and little Libby:  
Scott and little Libby - Nov. 1998  

Denise & Libby - Sept. 2002

Libby at the pool:
Libby chilling at the pool - Aug. 2003

The pin-up - May 2001

Can I go too?  - Sept. 2002

Libby, intrigued by the cats of Arrow Rock - Dec. 2002

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Libby - yawning, not growling - in Arrow Rock, MO - May 2001

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